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Thursday, January 8, 2015
Is your CFO rolling the dice when it comes to receiving accurate sales forecasts?

Large sales opportunities continue to create a false hope to meet forecasts C-Suite executives are losing confidence in their sales organization’s ability to deliver accurate sales forecasts. According to a recent CSO Insights survey over 47% of forecasted (and weighted) enterprise sales opportunities never close. In fact, the odds of winning at a craps table in Las Vegas are slightly higher.  There is a great video by Jim Dickie, Managing Partner at CSO Insights,...

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Saturday, November 8, 2014
Sales Effectiveness - Transition from Analog to Digital

Sales Effectiveness – Transition from Analog to Digital A recent study by Accenture concluded that many of the Global 2000 corporate B2B sales forces are not embracing the numerous tools available to them and subsequently falling short of their revenue goals. http://bit.ly/WGpYe0 Sales Effectiveness is a rather nebulous term as it can mean so many things: quota attainment, productivity, and customer satisfaction come to mind. Many corporate sales reps still feel that...

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Friday, February 13, 2015
How do you assess your company's ability to meet its sales forecast?

Accurate sales forecasting continues to be a moving target for most sales organizations. In the last few years, web-based research has impacted the buying process and the buyer’s proactive ability to identify their own problems and solutions much earlier in the cycle. As a consequence, traditional sales forecasting models have been severely disrupted resulting in an epidemic of unmet sales forecasts.

Currently sales organizations are spending an inordinate amount of time, creating their weekly, monthly and quarterly forecasts. Even so, experts say that these forecasts are historically incorrect. According to 4Growth’s research in sales effectiveness and best practices, it takes constant tweaking, perseverance, creativity, improvisation, and vision to build a consistent sales forecasting process.

Predictive sales analytics, financial modelling, combined with business intelligence are now replacing gut feel, instinct, hunches, and market experience as competition continues to increase in B2B sales environments.

Sales organizations use various methods to “get to” the number. Here are the top 5 activities we recommend that...

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