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Tuesday, March 24, 2015
Do your sales reps struggle to win deals?

It’s no secret that sales reps often act as “double agents” in order to keep the peace between their company and client. Sales reps traditionally value their relationship with the client and are often annoyed that they have to “push ” a client or potential client for the business and often try and avoid any potentially negative interaction. At the same time sales reps realize their company provides them a paycheck and subsequent commission to close...

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Friday, February 13, 2015
How do you assess your company's ability to meet its sales forecast?

Accurate sales forecasting continues to be a moving target for most sales organizations. In the last few years, web-based research has impacted the buying process and the buyer’s proactive ability to identify their own problems and solutions much earlier in the cycle. As a consequence, traditional sales forecasting models have been severely disrupted resulting in an epidemic of unmet sales forecasts. Currently sales organizations are spending an inordinate amount of time, creating...

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Friday, June 19, 2015
Take a SEAT . . . Your Sales Pipeline is Wrong

According to a recent study from CSO Insights, over 47% of forecasted and weighted sales opportunities never close. In fact, the odds of winning at a Craps table in Vegas are slightly higher – as we pointed out in a previous blog.

Sales Effectiveness is clearly the Number 1 problem facing CSOs (Chief Sales Officers) today. When sales organizations only close 50% of deals they forecast the conversation shifts from a sales conference call to the Company Board Room and the company CFO will be booking the meeting.

4Growth’s own research indicates that most sales pipelines are a random mix of, gut feel hunches, and anecdotal “guesses” of poorly qualified sales opportunities. The result being is a huge “Reality Gap” between the sales pipeline and the actual revenue pipeline.

S.E.A.T. (Sales Effectiveness Analysis & Technology) is a proven methodology that is sales process independent and CRM Platform Agnostic, which analyzes each sales opportunity. S.E.A.T. then recommends a detailed course of action for sales teams to follow – to close more business. S.E.A.T. provides a sales playbook, opportunity SWOT analysis, and generates the realistic factor...

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