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Thursday, October 23, 2014
Jose Bautista - Profile of a Pro

I grew up like any true Canadian playing hockey but, given that I was raised close to the Canadian / US border, I also experienced the beautiful game of baseball. We were fortunate to play in 2 leagues: one in Southwestern Ontario and another in Michigan. The level of skill was significantly higher across the river in Port Huron, Michigan. So, I became a student of the game. And, as a result, I’m a real baseball fan. Although I grew up a Detroit Tigers fan, once Toronto became my...

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014
Differentiate or Die - Continuous Disruption

Jack Trout termed this phrase in 2008 with his acclaimed book of the same name. Jack Trout and Al Ries collaborated on a similar work called Positioning – the battle for your mind. Both works concentrated on the art of differentiation. Differentiate or Die is definitely a stronger metaphor and clearly “differentiates” itself from a myriad of marketing books centered on positioning products and services. The underpinning of the whole “differentiate or die”...

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Saturday, November 8, 2014
Sales Effectiveness - Transition from Analog to Digital

Sales Effectiveness – Transition from Analog to Digital

A recent study by Accenture concluded that many of the Global 2000 corporate B2B sales forces are not embracing the numerous tools available to them and subsequently falling short of their revenue goals. http://bit.ly/WGpYe0

Sales Effectiveness is a rather nebulous term as it can mean so many things: quota attainment, productivity, and customer satisfaction come to mind. Many corporate sales reps still feel that using CRM is a hindrance versus a productivity enhancer. The majority of corporate reps feel that CRM is not really for them – but designed more for micro managing sales managers who are focused on activity and inquisitive Marketing types who want to ensure their tradeshow leads are followed up on.

Many of these large corporates have been utilizing (and under-utilizing) established static sales process methodologies and practices for years. The reality is today’s customer is a much different beast than he/she was 4-5 years ago. Today’s customer is always moving and is highly connected and when contact is made – they are already 50% through the buying process. According to Accenture -  “companies need to move from an Analog front office – to a Digital office.” They need to have a better understanding of how customers need to...

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