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A Passion for History

As a graduate of History and Political Science, I’ve been pleased over the years as to how impactful these learnings have been through my business lifetime. I’ve seen how history and politics play key roles in the management of every business (big or small). These disciplines helped develop ideas about structures, strategies and implementation.

Great lessons have been learned from historical champions like Marin Luther King, John F. Kennedy and Winston Churchill. These men led nations and affected significant change in their lives.

An article, written by Greg Satell for Forbes magazine in 2013 still holds my attention and endorses some of the work we do at 4Growth. Satell wrote:

“As the speed of business continues to accelerate and technology cycles outpace corporate planning cycles, the false certainty that planning engenders is becoming an impediment to, rather than a tool for, attaining objectives.”

Satell spoke of new management concepts like ‘commander’s intent’ and Henry Mintzberg’s idea of ‘emergent strategy’.

We agree that, Increasingly, management’s role is not to organize work, but to direct passion and purpose. With Today’s technological advances there is no need to be lonely at the top.

Our practice continues to review and improvise existing and new management styles that can positively affect the growth of business, depending upon our client’s need and intentions

Gary Collins